Dan Tefft

Dan Tefft

The nuts and bolts of the business, the social mind and team builder.

Passionate about developing profitable systems for engaging the public in the process of funding sustainability projects. and protecting our planet.

Known as TreeBanker in the world of sustainability.

Published on investing in climate solutions by The New York TimesUSA TodayThe Financial TimesCrain's Chicago Business and many other leading publications .

Consciousness champion
Black Diamond skier
Lifelong biker
Tree lover
Kindness junkie
Cancer Survivor


Annie Paquette-Tefft

Annie Paquette-Tefft

The creative mind, heart and soul of the business.

Passionate about helping people reclaim their power, restoring dignity to the human experience and protecting our beautiful nature and our children's future.

Declared "Person of Extraordinary Ability" by the US government in 2008. :)

Author of: Fearless Crashing and Soul Shining: what a quest for purpose looks like for most of us who are not spiritual masters. (Fall 2019)

Acclaimed artist
Fence jumper
Wonder cultivator
Mind gymnast
Mountain lover
Kindness junkie


We’re so excited to be here and to finally share our vision, our values, our verve, our hearts. It’s been a long time comin’ and it feels at once surreal and never more real. The journey to get here, together, is a great story we’ll be sure to share someday.

In more ways than one, we’ve both been preparing for this chapter our entire lives. As serial entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to launch a business and we know we have it. Our multi-startups past has earned us our stars, scars and stripes. As passionate nature lovers we have a burning desire to safeguard nature for future generations. As individuals who hold humanity as the highest of virtues we are filled with a deep sense of purpose.

On a more practical level, there are a few reasons that led us to create Clime-IT™. ONE, since the economic downturn of 2008, sustainability-focused businesses have struggled more than ever to get funding (believe us… we know!). Access to capital is a recurring theme we encounter throughout our networking. TWO, governments have their hands tied but the situation is too urgent to wait for those knots to be undone. We must act now. THREE, capitalism is the only tool powerful enough to tackle the job of creating a sustainable future. In the hands of conscious entrepreneurs it will create beauty and prosperity. FOUR, people have been stripped of their power and it is time to change that by democratizing the new clean economy through ownership. AND FINALLY, we have come to realize that the majority of people—including those who recycle and take care of their bodies and minds— are unaware of the magnitude of the problem we face with global warming. We need to educate, promote and make the news.

We have the fire and the sangfroid. And we have dedicated ourselves to the task.

Our feet are firmly planted in the ground, our hands are busy creating, and our minds are soaring over the vast forest of green possibilities. We are emboldened by every new connection, collaboration, gut reaction, contribution and conversation we have with people like you.

Again, we hope you join us.

Dan & Annie