And business as usual is destroying the planet. We can no longer afford to refuse acknowledging the facts.

Scientists suffer clinical depression from facing leader’s inaction and indifference. Some weep in desperation while pleading on the senate floor. The Pope urges us to open our eyes to the state of the planet and warns of the dire consequences of viewing nature solely as a source of profit and gain. Farmers see their crops disintegrating, storms are intensifying and multiplying, forests are burning like never before, fresh water supplies are dwindling. 2016 is the warmest year on record.

We have a critical care patient on our hands and unless we get her fever down, we’re gonna lose her. And nothing else will matter. Ever.

Deniers argue we were warned years ago of impeding global disasters that haven’t happened yet and conclude these were just the ramblings of doomsayers. Say you were diagnosed with terminal cancer and you’ve defied the doctors’ predictions, would you say they had the wrong diagnosis? Or would you use the gift of more time to make changes to improve your odds further?

Let’s not mince words: the survival of the world as we know it is at stake and the next generations deserve a world where they too, can flourish and thrive. We owe it to them to do our best. As Maya Angelou said: When you know better. Do better.

It is true that the global forecast for the planet is grim. 
But there IS hope.

There is still time.
Trees are still standing.
Humans have genius and willpower.

Clime-IT™ is about reclaiming the fate of our planet and providing options for positive action.

We are Earth's stewards and united we can change the direction of the world and create a sustainable future.

That future is in our hands.