Climate Change



Climate Change



Clime-IT™ is about giving visibility to clean-tech and low-carbon projects, providing opportunity to green-minded, sustainability-driven investors, and re-empowering people and communities.

The big news is that recently, we, the people, were given the legal right to become the financial gatekeepers deciding on the direction of progress. We now have the option to become not only the agents of change but also the stakeholders of that change. 

All of us who feel a moral responsibility to the next generations can now combine our individual resources to select, promote, fund and profit from the technologies and businesses we believe in.

We have the power to create a sustainable future through Crowdinvesting (aka Equity Crowdfunding). Once launched, Clime-IT™ will be a global family of online crowdinvesting platforms focused exclusively on Climate Change Solutions.

Let us be very honest. We are at a moment of truth and we need to take actions that are in line with the future we wish to leave our children and grandchildren. These days, everyone agrees we need change but we still have a choice in how we will achieve that change: we can either choose collaboration, cooperation and community or exploitation, extraction and exclusion.

Our choice is clear and impassioned.
It fuels our resolve everyday.

We hope you join us.

Dan & Annie






Global Warming

Global Warming


And business as usual is destroying the planet. We can no longer afford to refuse acknowledging the facts.

Scientists suffer clinical depression from facing leader’s inaction and indifference. Some weep in desperation while pleading on the senate floor. The Pope urges us to open our eyes to the state of the planet and warns of the dire consequences of viewing nature solely as a source of profit and gain. Farmers see their crops disintegrating, storms are intensifying and multiplying, forests are burning like never before, fresh water supplies are dwindling. 2016 is the warmest year on record.

We have a critical care patient on our hands and unless we get her fever down, we’re gonna lose her. And nothing else will matter. Ever.

Deniers argue we were warned years ago of impeding global disasters that haven’t happened yet and conclude these were just the ramblings of doomsayers. Say you were diagnosed with terminal cancer and you’ve defied the doctors’ predictions, would you say they had the wrong diagnosis? Or would you use the gift of more time to make changes to improve your odds further?

Let’s not mince words: the survival of the world as we know it is at stake and the next generations deserve a world where they too, can flourish and thrive. We owe it to them to do our best. As Maya Angelou said: When you know better. Do better.

It is true that the global forecast for the planet is grim. 
But there IS hope.

There is still time.
Trees are still standing.
Humans have genius and willpower.

Clime-IT™ is about reclaiming the fate of our planet and providing options for positive action.

We are Earth's stewards and united we can change the direction of the world and create a sustainable future.

That future is in our hands.



Power of the people

Power of the people


Most of us have now seen examples of the power of the crowd. Large gatherings —like the worldwide Climate Marches of 2014— make our collective voice heard by the powers that be, and the booming success of crowdfunding websites (such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter) are proof that the public is primed and eager to speak up and have a say in innovation. According to a study commissioned by the World Bank, the global crowdfunding market could reach over $90 billion per year by 2025. CFX Alternative Investing estimates it could go as high as $300 billion.

That’s definitely interesting. But how can this collective will and desire translate into the power to affect change? The government’s JOBS Act program (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) has provided just such an opportunity.

Were you aware that since 1934 only 7% of the population was legally allowed to invest in private investment opportunities and that businesses looking for capital were not allowed to say so publicly? Well now, with the new regulations, the other 93% is granted the same rights and companies can advertise their investment opportunities for the world to see on crowdinvesting platforms like Clime-IT™.


Yes, the “crowd” can now choose what technologies/businesses get funded and choose what direction progress takes. And it can share in the profits too. Take a second and imagine what this can mean.


It is abundantly clear by now that climate change and the depletion of the planet’s resources will not be reversed by politicians. That ship has sailed. It will be resolved through the concerted actions of socially conscious entrepreneurs, visionary investors and an engaged crowd.

Finally, we can disconnect climate solutions from politics.

President Obama got it right when he said: “We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it.”

Let’s get to it.

We’ve always had the numbers. Now we have the tools. 


Our Vision

Our Vision


Our world is ripe for change. The political spectacle we are currently privy to shows the direction this change will take has yet to be determined. It does boil down to one fundamental divide: there are those who want to make America great again at the expense of the rest of the world, and those who want to make the world a better place, period.

At Clime-IT™ we are building a community of people, businesses and organizations focused on low-carbon solutions using resources in a mindful, restorative, regenerative and creative way.
We choose a better world.

We believe in a thriving economy that is not contingent on exploitation and pollution, and that creating a sustainable future is a realistic goal. We also believe capitalism is a major driving force and a great tool—it is but a system that generates profits. Those profits however, can be used for good or evil.
We choose good. 


We are building a business based on the tenets of conscious/regenerative capitalism. A business that benefits everyone it touches. In doing so, socially responsible businesses will grow, investors will profit and reinvest, families will create long-term financial stability, Clime-IT™ will broaden its reach, and a healthy planet will continue to provide generously.

We aim to promote values of trust and integrity by pursuing impeccable personal and business practices and help set the standards by which the regreening of the planet will take place for generations to come.

It is an historical fact that the American Constitution is based on the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois Nation, symbolized by the Tree of Peace.

Unfortunately, its Seventh Generation Principle was excluded and in so doing, we abandoned the critical wisdom that all decisions made by leaders must consider the impact on the seventh generation to come.

It is time for us to reinstate and honor that principle and to restore the Promise of the Tree.

We’re in!



Our Plan

Our Plan


We have developed a system that can play a significant part in the creation of a sustainable future. The system is based on the new SEC regulations provided by the JOBS Act of 2012 (final rules issued in May 2016).

Clime-IT™, when ready for operation, will be a family of online Equity Crowdfunding (Crowdinvesting) platforms/portals serving various regions and countries. It will feature investment opportunities from businesses focused on climate change solutions (renewable energy, clean technologies, resilience, adaptation, mitigation and carbon-sequestration) and raising between $500K to $50M per year (maximums in the USA—limits will be adapted to each country's laws).


We are building a growing team comprised of scientists, academics, financial modelers, platform developers, world-class marketing groups, fired-up sustainability graduates, and a securities attorney who has specialized in the JOBS Act since its inception. We are also 

constantly creating strategic alliances with a number of organizations around the world that will ensure the quality of projects posted on Clime-IT™. 

Given the newness of this industry, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there.  We will include a substantial educational component to help entrepreneurs maneuver through the process of raising capital under these new regulations and to guide new investors through the process as well.

In the spirit of the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups), successfully funded businesses will post positions that need to be filled and make Clime-IT™ a hub for green jobs.

Our business model also includes a grant system to help cover some of the various fees involved in preparing to launch a crowdinvesting campaign (CPA for audited financials, securities attorney for legal compliance, marketing content and production).

We will also promote a climate of shared resources and create a community of support for all the players involved.

More than just an investment portal we are developing Clime-IT™ as a comprehensive identity network that will connect like-minded people globally and locally; facilitate discussions, introductions and exchange of information; feature a calendar of events and initiatives by category and/or location. All this under one over-arching principle: Protecting our precious planet with people, passion, purpose and profits.

By providing resources for start-ups to ease and speed up their capital raising process, we increase their odds of success. By providing investors with statistically above-average success rate projects, we increase the odds of successful investments. By increasing the number of successful capital raises, projects have access to an ever-growing pool of investors and in turn, Clime-IT™ can provide them with more resources.

Our over-all strategy is one of circular economy in that it is restorativeself-sustaining and regenerative.


Dan & Annie

Dan & Annie

Dan Tefft

Dan Tefft

The nuts and bolts of the business, the social mind and team builder.

Passionate about developing profitable systems for engaging the public in the process of funding sustainability projects. and protecting our planet.

Known as TreeBanker in the world of sustainability.

Published on investing in climate solutions by The New York TimesUSA TodayThe Financial TimesCrain's Chicago Business and many other leading publications .

Consciousness champion
Black Diamond skier
Lifelong biker
Tree lover
Kindness junkie
Cancer Survivor


Annie Paquette-Tefft

Annie Paquette-Tefft

The creative mind, heart and soul of the business.

Passionate about helping people reclaim their power, restoring dignity to the human experience and protecting our beautiful nature and our children's future.

Declared "Person of Extraordinary Ability" by the US government in 2008. :)

Author of: Fearless Crashing and Soul Shining: what a quest for purpose looks like for most of us who are not spiritual masters. (Fall 2019)

Acclaimed artist
Fence jumper
Wonder cultivator
Mind gymnast
Mountain lover
Kindness junkie


We’re so excited to be here and to finally share our vision, our values, our verve, our hearts. It’s been a long time comin’ and it feels at once surreal and never more real. The journey to get here, together, is a great story we’ll be sure to share someday.

In more ways than one, we’ve both been preparing for this chapter our entire lives. As serial entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to launch a business and we know we have it. Our multi-startups past has earned us our stars, scars and stripes. As passionate nature lovers we have a burning desire to safeguard nature for future generations. As individuals who hold humanity as the highest of virtues we are filled with a deep sense of purpose.

On a more practical level, there are a few reasons that led us to create Clime-IT™. ONE, since the economic downturn of 2008, sustainability-focused businesses have struggled more than ever to get funding (believe us… we know!). Access to capital is a recurring theme we encounter throughout our networking. TWO, governments have their hands tied but the situation is too urgent to wait for those knots to be undone. We must act now. THREE, capitalism is the only tool powerful enough to tackle the job of creating a sustainable future. In the hands of conscious entrepreneurs it will create beauty and prosperity. FOUR, people have been stripped of their power and it is time to change that by democratizing the new clean economy through ownership. AND FINALLY, we have come to realize that the majority of people—including those who recycle and take care of their bodies and minds— are unaware of the magnitude of the problem we face with global warming. We need to educate, promote and make the news.

We have the fire and the sangfroid. And we have dedicated ourselves to the task.

Our feet are firmly planted in the ground, our hands are busy creating, and our minds are soaring over the vast forest of green possibilities. We are emboldened by every new connection, collaboration, gut reaction, contribution and conversation we have with people like you.

Again, we hope you join us.

Dan & Annie